A one-day training session for cabinet ministers on E-Cabinet was held at the Brookfields hotel today Tuesday 17th May 2022. The training aims to enhance the capacity of ministers in using technology to present government programs and policies through electronic means. E- Cabinet system is a paperless initiative that consolidates all Cabinet activities by linking all ministries. The system can be accessed and used by all government Ministers to transmit Cabinet papers for Cabinet consideration and discussions, while enabling Cabinet to coordinate their business as well as track progress with ease.
President Bio’s Human Capital Development drives has no boundaries. He believes in the empowerment of the human being through digital means and the Ministers are no exception. In his aspiration to drive the digital Transformation of Sierra Leone, Cabinet meetings are now electronically conducted. Therefore, the Ministers are undergoing training on how to use the E-Cabinet platform to perform their cabinet duties such as Presenting Cabinet papers and other functions. The President has always emphasized on the use of technology in solving problems associated with governance. This E-cabinet will definitely cut the huge cost expended on paper and other stationery.
Technology is now ingrained in governance all over the world and Sierra Leone under the astute leadership of President Julius Maada Bio has caught up with the rest of the world. Even at cabinet level, new digital technologies are supporting the decision making processes, ensuring transparency of executive decision making, cutting down high cost of preparing cabinet documentations, and dealing with the challenge of poor document control and approval systems. This is a significant progress because instead of cabinet members having read through hundreds of pages of cabinet documents, they can now search and scan documents faster, saving time and enabling them to drill deeper into issues under consideration.

Furthermore, in the present COVID-19 world, where remote work and meetings are the norm, the E-cabinet platform enables cabinet members to participate remotely.


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