The Functions of the Ministry

The Ministry has two main professional directorates, the Directorate of Information and the Directorate of Communications, each headed by a Director.
The Directorate of Information is responsible for all mass media and public education activities, while the Directorate of Communication is responsible for ICT related activities. The Ministry also has the Administrative division which is the coordinating body of the Ministry. This division is headed by the Permanent Secretary. He is the chief Adviser to the Minister on strategic planning and development of policies. He liaises with Heads of the other Directorates for expert advice, when necessary.

The main functions of the Ministry include the followings:

  • To ensure, through the office of the Government spokesperson, that all institutions of Government work collaboratively to achieve coherent and effective communications with the public
  • To prepare and produce publicity and information materials and disseminate public information locally and internationally.
  • To print legal, security and accounting documents as well as educational and general publicity materials for government and semi-government institutions;
  • To speak on behalf of the Government
  • Develop appropriate policies and strategies that enhance provision of innovative information and communication technology.
  • Spearhead the development of appropriate regulatory frameworks that facilitate the promotion and development of the information and communication technology (electronic media, broadcasting, postal services and IT) sector.
  • Champion and promote ICT literacy and utilization in the country in order to enhance regional and international competitiveness.
  • Promote and coordinate national ICT research and development.
  • Develop supportive and enable infrastructure to ensure equitable access to ICTs by all citizens including disadvantage groups and rural communities.
  • Create a conducive environment for investment in the areas of ICTs through public private partnerships.
  • Represent the Government of Sierra Leone on all matters relating to the ICT sector.

Office of the Government Spokesperson

One of the functions of the Minister is the role of Government Spokesperson. He is assisted by a professional Assistant Government Spokesperson, two press officers and an administrative assistant. The Office assists the Minister in coordinating the information flow from the public to State House and the Government, and from State House and the Government to the public. They prepare daily briefings for the President and organize press conferences on specific issues of concern to the Government and the general public. The Office liaises with GIS and SLENA and is currently the Webmaster for the State House website. It is also developing the Government website for all ministries.


Leadership Team

Leadership Team


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